INNOVA advises numerous medium-sized construction operators, including entrepreneurs, construction groups, technical consultants and insurance companies.

To be able to influence the contractual basis as much as possible, we take part in the formation of contracts. Our approach to the negotiations is to create the best possible legal and commercial foundation for a contract, including achieving the best possible cash flow for our client in the construction project.

INNOVA’s approach to settlement of disputes is very business and solution-minded, as it is our fundamental view that our clients will achieve the best results by settling. We also have great experience in conducting contract cases at the Board of Arbitration for Building and Civil Engineering and in the courts.

At INNOVA we provide advisory services on:

  • Negotiation, formation and assessment of all types of construction contracts
  • Assessment of general conditions
  • Danish contract documents, such as AB92, ABT93, ABR89 and AB-Forbruger
  • Deficient performance of contracts
  • Deficient design of contracts
  • Expert opinion
  • Guarantees
  • Specialist resolutions
  • Arbitration cases and lawsuits