The attorneys at INNOVA are highly specialised in several types of insolvency case

in particular as

  • trustees in bankruptcy
  • advisors appointed by the bankruptcy court in company reconstructions

INNOVA also provide advisory services in avoidance proceedings representing financial institutions, mortgagees and other creditors, as well as in judicial sales.

We understand the importance of a fast and effective case process, which is the primary prerequisite for successful results.

When advising we work closely with the client’s other collaborative partners, in particular accountants and financial institutions.


INNOVA with a team consisting of Lars Bentsen and Martin Breum Sønder, both specializing in insolvency and reconstruction, has won Early Warning‘s tender for legal assignments for companies in crisis in Central and Southern Denmark.

Early Warning is a nationwide initiative that, since 2007, has helped almost 7,000 companies in crisis. The purpose is for more companies in crisis to survive, for the companies that have to close to close faster and with less debt, and for healthy parts of constructed companies to continue.

The help consists of guidance, sparring and advice of the company’s owner and possibly the owner’s family. It is free for companies to use Early Warning.

If your company needs constructive and pragmatic sparring regarding the possibilities for reconstruction and bankruptcy, contact lawyer Lars Bentsen or lawyer Martin Breum Sønder.