Different family and cohabitation forms and changes in these, for instance as marriage, divorce or death often give rise to complicated problems relating to pensions, division of property, parental responsibility and inheritance.

Assistance is provided in a close dialogue with the client and with understanding of the special and often vulnerable situation that the client might be in.

We are specialists in:

  • Preparation of marriage settlements
  • Loans, succession, advancement and gifts between spouses
    or between children and parents/grandparents
  • Matrimonial proceedings, including:
    Legal separation
  • Divorce
    Division of property on divorce or legal separation
  • Advising on property matters, including:
    Pension matters before and during marriage
  • Matters pertaining to children, including:
    Parental responsibility
  • Cohabitation, including:
    Dissolution of co-ownership
    Cohabitation contracts
    Co-ownership agreements
  • Advice on succession matters and estates of deceased persons
  • Preparation of wills, including wills drawn up for children
  • Administration of estates